Custom promotional merchandise

It is a popular marketing method that has been there for years and has proved an effective marketing strategy for many businesses and organisations. Spreading your name to a huge audience is not easy but using custom promotional products is more effective. Just include your name and a logo in a trending product or a product that finds its use in our daily lives. You won’t believe how far it can spread and make your brand known.

Benefits of promotional merchandise

If you look around your office or your home, you will be amazed to find lots of promotional products. Custom promotional products are a sure way to add value to your marketing strategies. You will remain at the top of the audience’s mind for a long time. Study shows that more than 20% of consumers purchased the products after getting a promotion gift hamper. Still do not believe it? Follow along for the benefits of custom promotional merchandise and see it impacts the decisions of most consumers.

Brand awareness

Promotional products have a huge impact on your brand. Promotional products are a sure way of creating awareness of your brand. Imagine how many promotional products are in your house right now! From T-shirts, utensils and much more. They have a great impact on brand identity. Every day these products remind us of the latter.  It keeps your brand familiar to many for a long time after the promotion is over and might even trigger many to purchase the products. Get creative and think of something to promote your brand, for instance, if you are planning to launch a cloud app, why not choose umbrellas as your product and print your logo and name on it. Does it look relevant? Of course, the cloud causes rain and to prevent yourself from being rained on your need an umbrella. See the concept! Be creative and come up with something that will remain on top of the minds for long.


For your brand to remain relevant for long, they should be useful and educative. Study shows that 97% of consumers who receive promotional products are likely to keep them. Some promotional products can be passed on to others hence increases the outreach. Most people usually find themselves using promotional products they did not initially receive. So the durability of your products has an impact on your brand recognition.


There is a wide variety of products that can be customised for promotional purposes. It gives companies and individuals to think out of the box and along the line to get products that can carry a large consumer audience. You can choose to make promotional products from stationery, electronics, and clothes. There is a huge variety of viable promotional products for companies and individuals to choose from and that they can fit any budget. You can decide on colours that are best when used to describe your brand. The versatility of products mostly suited for promotion purposes makes it ideal for any company to use for marketing purposes.


Gifts are useful when used to appreciate customers or employees. They create a bond between the consumer and the seller. Giving away carefully selected custom promotional merchandise from QTCo sends a signal to customers of the goodwill you have towards them and as appreciation for being loyal customers. Gifting your employees with promotional products will turn them to your all-time advocates. See this in the light of gifting them with a T-shirt, when they wear them they sell your brand wherever they go without their consent.

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