Why are there so many different types of golf clubs?

If you are a novice in the world of golf, it isn’t surprising if you are wondering, why are there even so many different types of clubs to play golf? Let’s find it out below!

Reasons for having different types of golf clubs:

Well, the answer is easy! It is because there are different shot types in golf. The actual differences in the golf clubs can be found in the club’s length of the loft and the shaft and the head shapes and sizes. The former difference will actually determine the shot height when playing golf. A low loft angle of a golf club will classify it as a one, while a high loft angle will define the golf club as a short one!

For example, say we are looking to make a shot of two different trajectories and distances when playing golf. In this case, we will need two different types of golf clubs to help us to make the appropriate shot without much hassle! Without different types of golf clubs, the task of making the right golf shot would be really difficult to do!

Different types of golf clubs:

Now that we know why there are different types of golf clubs let’s check out the different types of golf clubs that we can get. There are four different types of golf clubs we will come across. These are iron, putter, wedges, and wood.

Wood golf clubs are generally used when making a long distance shot. Wood golf club heads are flat bottomed, rounded, and big and they also come with a small loft.  If someone is a beginner, they should not go for this type of golf club.

On the other hand, iron golf clubs are used, if the shot is going to cover approximately 182 m. This type of golf club comes with a greater degree of loft. They can be found in nine different sizes. They are also used for making shots over large distances. These clubs come with thin and grooved heads. Furthermore, there are two different types of club heads that one can select from. Cavity and  Muscle back and the latter one is generally for those who are advanced golf players.

Wedge golf clubs are used for making the golf ball to reach the putting surface. There are four different types of wedges and, these are gap, lob, pitching, and sand wedges.

Next, putter clubs will help us with moving a golf ball, gently into the in the hole. Again, for putters, we will find three different golf club heads. Short shafted putters are known as conventional putters. Those with the longer shafts are known as belly and broomstick.